Why you should get ANZ Access Advantage card

Are you in Australia and you are looking for your all-time account? Well, the ANZ access advantage card account provides a universal Visa debit card that can be used anywhere. Therefore, if you want to know why you should get ANZ access advantage card then read on and find out.





The big challenge in most Visa cards is that the fees come with high interest which are paid monthly and it makes it hard for users to cope up with. Therefore, ANZ access allows you to pay a small fee of $5 monthly but the fee can be waivered if the monthly deposit is below $2000.Additionally, if you have a residential investment loan or a home loan then you will have your fees waivered. Some other terms include -full-time students from Australian institutions, people who are below 25 years and above 60 years, having a deposit of more than $50 000 in premium cash management, online saver and passbook savings.





Security is very important for every transaction you make. If your transactions are not secured then fraudsters might take advantage. Therefore, if you are looking for making secure transactions then ANZ is all that you need. You will benefit from the protection provided by the ANZ internet banking guarantee, ANZ fraud moneyback guarantee and the government deposit guarantee. These three entities will ensure that you stay secure all the time when using the platform.





Everyone likes having control over the funds. Therefore, ANZ is a great option because it is user-friendly when it comes to managing your account. It has lots of features some of which allow you to access your account using an app to make payments and view your balances. Therefore, you can manage your account from the comfort of your home and if you have some inquiries you are always advised to consult their customer service.



It is easy to apply


Well, sometimes you have gone through a lot to make an application right?. That is not the case with ANZ. This is because they have straightforward eligibility criteria for application. You will be required to have attained at least 12 years old. You should also be an Australian resident with a valid residential mailing address. The application can be made online securely and in less than 10 minutes your account will be set up.


Therefore, there is no reason why you should not choose ANZ because the customer needs have been prioritized to ensure you are enjoying their services anytime.