Look For Vietnamese food and restaurant In Melbourne australia

Look For Vietnamese In Melbourne

Vietnamese food in Melbourne is very diverse. You can find great Vietnamese food in restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and street vendors. In addition to the restaurants, you can find Vietnamese food in grocery stores, which are sold either frozen or as canned products, frozen or dried, and if fresh.

As a Melbourne local, finding good Vietnamese food in Melbourne can be a bit of a challenge. But luckily, the city has an abundance of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from, restaurants that offer authentic Southeast Asian cuisine. The menu is extensive, and it offers a variety of seafood and spicy options. So, visit Hanoi Quay for a delicious, traditional Vietnamese meal.

Top Vietnamese Restaurant in Melbourne

Top Vietnamese Restaurant in Melbourne


  • Hochi Mama


If you are looking for Vietnamese food in Melbourne, you can’t miss Hochi Mama. This is one of the best places in Melbourne to get Vietnamese food. They have a menu that is huge and full of amazing food.


  • Straight Outta Saigon


When it comes to Vietnamese food in Melbourne, look no further than the straight outta Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant on Fitzroy Street. Thai, Italian, Chinese and American food dominate other Melbourne Vietnamese restaurants—but no Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne serves up authentic, traditional Vietnamese food like Straight Outta Saigon does.


  • Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar


Hanoi Mee Kitchen & Bar is perfect for anyone who is looking for authentic, delicious Vietnamese cuisine. The casual restaurant offers a range of traditional dishes from Vietnam. They’ve been bringing Vietnamese food to Melbourne.


  • Banoi


Banoi Restaurant is located in Melbourne’s CBD and is one of the most authentic Vietnamese restaurants in town. Offering extensive menu options from banh mi to clay pot dishes, Banoi Restaurant can cater to both vegetarians and those wanting a traditional Vietnamese meal.


In conclusion, Vietnamese foods in Melbourne are so many and everywhere, from tiny hole-in-the-wall stalls to upmarket restaurants. Although the price may be a little higher than in other Asian countries, the taste is still authentic. Now you know where you’ll be eating, check out and see for modern Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne.