How To Remove Those Negative Reviews From TripAdvisor

Your business means the world to you. Its your lifes work, your passion. And just one negative review can hurt your business. TripAdvisor offers more than 200 million reviews to around 315 million people that visit the site. And thats just in a months time. TripAdvisor has earned itself a highly respected source of informing visitors information ranging from restaurant reviews, hotel reviews and even business reviews. The reviews consumers find and read on TripAdvisor are very accurate and theoretically mostly true.  Below we discuss how you can get reviews removed from Trip Advisor.

But with it being just a busy hub receiving about 16 new reviews every minute, some false negative reviews can slip there way in. And those are the ones that can affect your business in a negative way. TripAdvisor prides itself in being one of the most trusted sources for reviews, so they put their foot down when it comes to falsely uploaded reviews. If you find yourself in the position of being a victim of one of these negative reviews. the first step you take is to report the review through your TripAdvisor account.

You then click on the “your business” link, than you navigate to the area that says “manage your reviews”. There you can fill out a form describing all the details and information about the negative review, proving that it violates TripAdvisor’s guidelines and proving that the review could be a fraudulent one.

Negative reviews can hurt your business, and no business owner wants a negative review, but in some cases if you cant get a review removed you can generate a high number of good reviews from your customers, making that one bad review, lose most of its power. So dont let one negative review get you discouraged. TripAdvisor works very hard on ensuring that all the reviews are accurate and true. And they will work really closely with you to dispose of the fraudulent ones.