Cheryl Bridgart Fringe Art Exhibition: Amber visits the artist's workshop in the Adelaide City region of South Australia

Take a closer look at the artworks of Cheryl Bridgart and you see they are not what they seem. They're not paintings - not embroidery but something in between. They are a clever combination of painting and meticulous machine stitching. The unique style where the brush, needle and thread combine is Cheryl's own creation.

Cheryl Bridgart, Artist: "I'm exhibiting at the Fringe and the Fringe is full of theatre, music and people in masks. It's very colourful and happy and my work is also happy so the Fringe is an inspiration."

Cheryl's work is an explosion of colour and form often also inspired by her dreams. In what she calls her 'stitching room', Cheryl swaps her brush for her trusty Bernina and the coloured thread becomes her palette…

Cheryl Bridgart, Artist: "Machine embroidery is just another step of drawing, using the idea of the stitch line instead of a drawn line and instead of holding a pen in my hand, I'm moving a piece of canvas underneath and I'm trying to get the same sort of results of highlights, and shadows and shading…"

It's a mesmerizing process as Cheryl scoots around the canvas at a frenetic - non-stop pace - achieving incredible shading and detail with a simple thread.

Cheryl Bridgart, Artist: "I work similar to how I paint although my embroidery comes first for me. I scribble all over it. I'm often asked about not being able to unpick or rub it out. While you can't paint over it you can bring up another colour next to it and work into it."

Cheryl has gone beyond art into designing with her clothes and hats a fun-loving combination of velvet, pure wool and linen. Her pieces are designed to be worn not kept in an art gallery.

She also takes plenty of inspiration from her city location. At one time Beltana House was the city stables for the horses carting beer down from the Oakbank Brewery. The stalls where the horses were once fed and watered are now a gallery showcasing a range of Cheryl's work including a series of multi award winning pieces and commissions… all of which are on display as part of the Adelaide Fringe.

Her studio and gallery are at Beltana House and they'll be open over the next two weekends between 2pm and 6pm. You'll find it at 364 Carrington Street in the city. If you have any further questions please email

Cheryl Bridgart Fringe Art Exhibition
5 - 7 March, 11 - 13 March
2pm - 6pm

Beltana House
364 Carrington St

Published 27th February 2011

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