4x4 TipsSkinThings - Totally Natural Skincare: On Jetty Road, Glenelg in the Adelaide Coast region of South Australia

(Text & photos supplied by Skin Things)

If you're concerned about the products you're putting on your skin, then SkinThings is for you. This wonderful range of natural skincare products is chemical-free and it's made right here in South Australia.

What's in your skincare?
After qualifying as a beauty therapist and then working for some of the world's biggest cosmetic companies, Caroline became concerned about the ingredients in those so-called 'natural' products. So concerned that she started her own research. And the more she started digging, the more dirt she found! For example, chemicals like Propylene Glycol, which is used to make brake fluid and anti-freeze. It has absolutely NO business being used in your moisturiser!

Everything your skin really needs
Caroline decided she was going to create skincare products that were really natural, really nourishing, and really good for you. The products are gentle and effective, using the highest quality ingredients - essential oils, herbal extracts and pure spring water. Since its humble beginnings in her spare room at home, the product range has expanded to include - over 40 face and body products, shampoos and conditioners, custom-made natural perfumes, cellulite detox oil, cleansing herbal teas, and much more.

A holistic approach
Through SkinThings, you can also buy many other natural products including - natural mineral makeup, non-flouride toothpaste, chemical-free sunscreen, aluminium- and paraben-free deodorants, Organic cotton wool, Japanese body brushes and more.

Beauty therapy
Visit her shop at Glenelg and be pampered with a facial, manicure, pedicure, massage or body treatment. They do waxing as well, plus professional makeup for your wedding or formal.

Your skin will thank you
So why not take a few moments to check the ingredients list on the products you're using. Then check out the SkinThings website or drop into their shop at Glenelg. They'll be pleased to help you.


2C Partridge Street
Glenelg, South Australia
Phone: +61 (0)8 8294 0022
Web: www.skinthings.com.au

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