Bay Newsagency & CardsBay Newsagency & Cards: Jetty Road Shopping Precinct, Glenelg, in the Adelaide Coast region of South Australia

Experience the enjoyment of walking into a retail Newsagency that offers much more than a range of newspapers, magazines, Lotteries and Darrell Lea Chocolates. Judy and her staff offer excellent service and assistance in selecting that special present from the extensive range of specialized gifts, also incorporating the best comprehensive range of greeting cards in Glenelg.

Our range of greeting cards includes For Arts Sake, McMillan Cards (brands include the popular "Avocado and Soul" ranges), Portal Aird, Roam, Henderson, Simson,Kat Kards, Articlz (the only retail outlet in SA to be privileged to carry this range of a talented Sydney artist) and Ink Group.

Bay Newsagency & CardsIn conjunction with our range of gifts we sell the ever popular teddies from Settler Bears, Teddy and Friends, Russ Australia, dolls from Jan McLean (collector items), Schleich animals and knights and boys collectable Papo knights and horses from the famous Manhattan range in America. Toiletries from the ever popular companies such as Rituelle, Annabel Trends, Lavender House (Tasmania's famous lavender farm), Wild, and Vivid Expressions. We also have an extensive range of photo frames including magnetic ones for the office or fridge at home. Handbags and accessories from Catherine Manuel and funky bags as well. Also exclusive to the Glenelg area is the range of wall clocks from A Tad Trendi (Australian made), swarovski crystal frames and jewellery. Small inexpensive gifts ranging from $2.50 - $9.95 are a temptation which are hard to pass by. These items are ideal to send in the post either interstate or overseas.

Bay Newsagency & CardsOur Newsagency and Card Centre is abound with a wide variety of stationery items and everything your child needs for school and any adults in an office environment looking for all their office works products. Our stationery includes a wide range of quality paper used for wedding invitations, place cards, huge range of ribbons, all party needs, scrapbooking papers, stickers and artists equipment including brushes, canvases etc.

We have more magazines than most with a range (apart from the usual weekly women's magazines) covering house and gardens, womens and mens health, sports, cars, bikes, music, teenage, children, business, hair care, bridal, pregnancy, cooking, wines, travel, collectables, yoga, scrapbooking, quiltmaking, aircraft, collectables, water sports, fishing, boating, adult and gay magazines.

Bay Newsagency & Cards
122 Jetty Rd
Glenelg, South Australia, 5046

Phone: +61 (0)8 8295 6057
Fax: +61 (0)8 8295 8951

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