Can You Ride an E Scooter on the Path in Melbourne?

Australia’s used to designing laws that protect its thriving wild habitat. But then came cool shiny electronic scooters. It may be legal to buy these bad boys – after all, they’re incredibly popular in Australian stores – but actually riding one could land you with a costly fine.


Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or an adult who doesn’t care about e scooters but has kids who do, it’s in your best interest to know what the law says about using e scooters. The law actually differs, depending on where you live, so we’ll focus on just one place – for e scooters in Melbourne. Can you ride an e scooter on the path in Melbourne legally?


Like most states, Melbourne law is struggling to meet up with the growing demand for e scooters. It’s a more environmentally friendly way of transporting one’s self, so it makes sense that the ways will be changed soon.

Right now, it is illegal to ride your e-scooter on Victoria’s roads and footpaths. You’re free to ride it one private grounds though, but what’s the point?


So far, the only condition that permits you to ride your e-scooter on a footpath is if the device’s top speed doesn’t exceed 10km/h – when it’s on level ground (or a regular jog) – and it doesn’t have more than 200 watts power output. You might as well go out with the intention of carrying your scooter back home.


All high powered scooters – AKA the really cool ones – must not be ridden on footpaths or roads otherwise you’ll attract a fine. While Melbourne may be a prime location for the micro-mobility e-scooters offer, government officials have warned so far, university students have been hesitant to wear safety helmets – just one of the safety concerns it’ll pose. There’s still the concern of pedestrians not hearing oncoming e-scooters due to its low noise.


Of course, laws are evolving. And with e-scooter giants like Lime poised to negotiate with the government, you can expect more e-scooter favorable laws.